Single-layer Flood Rolling Table

1.Product Description

Flood rolling table is a kind of modern and advanced hydroponic irrigation agricultural equipment , it is known for its simplicity, reliability of operation and low initial invest cost and widely used in developed countries.

The surface of table:100% recycled ABS plastic as tray, the raw tray’s thickness is 3mm.

The material of frame: Aluminium alloy,  anti-rust, anti-corrosion,13.5cm high.

The supporting frame and base legs: Hot-dip galvanized rectangular steel pipe, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, usually 76cm high.

2. Functions

1. Utilize the greenhouse ‘s area, it can move 50cm-60cm from left to right in horizontal direction .

2. All plants can be watered and fertiillized automatically and efficiently

3.Water saving and eco-friendly

4.Labor saving and cost effective

Rolling Table Specification

4’x8′ rolling table with vertical steel frame

5’x50′ rolling table with vertical steel frame