• First Year Full Warranty – Extended Warranty $1200/yr
  • 6 Days a week telephone support.
  • Oil preheat reservoir, 1°C temperature controls
  • 2 heater controls standard, 2 additional heaters optional (cartridge tray and filler flow line)
  • Fill any cartridge size, type
  • Program for quantity and speed, stores up to 15 presets
  • 1800 cartridges per hour, depending on oil viscosity
  • Edge fill, center fill or CBD bottle
  • Fill cartridges, syringes, edible molds, and CBD bottles
  • Dispense Dab oil drops on parchment paper
  • Accurate dosing for single serve edibles
  • Touchscreen controls
  • 4 custom cartridge trays included
  • New cartridge tray allows tip-fill of syringes. Eliminates air-bubble waste
  • Easy to clean and recover unused oil
  • Includes spare injection tips and filler reservoir
  • 110/220v Transformer included
  • If you need to fill CBD bottles, please contact us regarding our CBD-specific filler for high volume applications

See it in action:

Accurate Dab Dispensing: