Ebb & Flow Rolling Bench

Working principle: When the Irrigation Ebb&Flow Rolling Bench is irrigated, the water andfertilizer integratedmachine can be used at the same time. The tray is filled with water or nutrient solution whichcan be retained for a certain period of time. With capillary action, the crops can absorbmoisture through the drainage hole at bottom of the plant pot . And then the irrigation waterdrains out, which can be collected for reuse or directly discharged to the sewer pipe.

Specification: Width1.69m(5.5′), 1.53m (5′), 1.22m (4′), 0.91m(3′), 0.71m(2.4′) , Length Customized

Common Hot-selling Model:1.22X2.44m(4X8’), 1.22×1.22m(4×4’), 1.22X2.14m(4×7’), 1.69X4.45m(5.5×15’),1.69X5.35m(5.5×17’), 1.53X3.4m(5×11’), 0.914X2.14m(3×7’), 0.71X2.14m(2.4×7’)

Automatic rolling bench(Bench Logistics system)

Automatic rolling bench(Bench Logistics system)

Vertical Grow Rack

Steel Wire Mesh Rolling Bench

Steel Plate Mesh Rolling Bench

Plastic Mesh Rolling Bench

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